There is something very powerful in the intimacy of an audio-only piece.  It can be a surprisingly effective opportunity to tell your story in a different way.

Love or Fear: The Great American Think-off
This is the tease for a documentary that lets listeners follow along as The Great American Think-off asks America to answer the question “Love or Fear: Which Motivates Us More?” It’s 53 minutes of live debate and documentary. Real ideas, real debate, all from real people. “The farmer in his tractor, the fisherman in his boat, the person sitting at a desk doing accounting…I think almost everybody is a philosopher in some sense.” Broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio, New Mexico Public Radio, and Peace Talk Radio Network

Audio Story:  The Farmers' Inn
An audio story about "the little restaurant that could."  Broadcast on North Dakota Public Radio & am950

Podcast:  Into the Mind
“Into the Mind” is an 11 episode inbound marketing podcast introducing listeners to the life and thinking of psychologist Theodore Millon.  Available through the Pearson Clinical website.  Narrated by Evan Johnson.

Audio Story:  Blue Rhino
An introduction to Blue Rhino Studios – a unique company outside of St. Paul that specializes in museum fabrication (e.g., dioramas).  The piece is sound-rich, non-narrated, and takes listeners ‘behind the scenes’ to understand the interesting blend of art and science that is required to create the displays that make museums come to life.  Tim Quady, the company’s founder, thinks about their challenge as being. “How do you bring the world into a room?” Here we get a chance to start finding out.