We love sound by itself.  We love images by themselves.  But sometimes the right choice is combining the two.  See what you think.

Leah and Her John Deere Green
Created for PACER Center (what a great organization!), there is a whimsy to this piece that is hard to resist - mostly thanks to the charm and attitude of young Leah.

A "proof of concept" for capturing the vitality of the New York Public Library and the city that surrounds it with minimal gear and a "street photography" approach.  "A thousand stories, don't miss a single one."

An introduction to the latest release of Pearson's successful BMAT line, "Giving you the ability to understand their ability."

I Can
One of a series of commercials for the University of Wisconsin - River Falls'  "The Power of Learning" campaign.  Awarded "Best of Category" in the BEA Festival of Media Arts.

You Are the Truth
An outreach piece for nonprofit Believers' Boxing Gym introducing boxer Kou Vang to the Hmong community.